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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Everything That’s Wrong with Coal – and Right about Clean Energy – in 2 minutes (video)

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Everything That’s Wrong with Coal – and Right about Clean Energy – in 2 minutes
Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign Releases “Coal 101” Video, Detailing the Dangers of Coal
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Today the Sierra Club released a new video highlighting the dangers of mining, burning and disposing coal. This short video offers a helpful resource for explaining the problems with coal-powered dirty fuels, the benefits of clean energy, and the need to move the country beyond coal. 
“It’s clear that coal is a dirty, dangerous and outdated fuel source that is making kids sick,” said Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. “From mining, to burning, to disposal, coal is wreaking havoc on our health and our planet. We hope this video helps viewers better understand the dangers of powering our country by burning coal, and why it is so important that we transition to clean, renewable sources of energy.”
Designed and produced in-house by the Sierra Club’s creative department, the animated video creates an engaging visual that details why it is so critical that we move off coal. 
You can watch the full video at: http://sc.org/coal101 or watch the video in Spanish at: http://sc.org/ciclodelcarbon

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