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Monday, September 11, 2017

Talk is getting us nowhere on Line 5

The issue: Line 5 concerns continue to stack up
Our view: Inability to set a deadline is as bad as inaction
Deadlines make the world work.
Clear and rigid expectations set for entire teams of employees or businesses put newspapers on doorsteps by sunrise, ensure parts are manufactured when needed and force governments into action. Deadlines are a function of modern society we begin encountering moments after birth.
That's why state officials' inability to set deadlines when it comes to the elderly twin oil pipelines that run beneath the Mackinac Straits is so frustrating. It takes courage to set deadlines, because deadlines require action.
Enbridge's 64-year-old Line 5 flows up to 23 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas liquids under the Great Lakes each day, a route that, if proposed today, would be hands-down unacceptable because of the grave risk it poses to our state's namesake natural resources. Yet, those pipes remain in use today simply because they're there, not because they are the best technology, or safest option available to move oil.

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